My New Electric Guitar d^________________^b

27 09 2007

Guitar and Hard CaseWhat a beauty…*sigh*…Hey Windter, if you’re around, here’s my newest baby! ^_^

 It’s a Les Paul Epiphone Studio edition electric:

Close up of controls –

close up of guitar controls

Closeup of Headstock


The amp


 Close up of amp controls


I’m just drooling over my new toy and I’ve already playing around with it LOL. Went to Guitar Center after work and purchased my lovely guitar, amp, tuner and hardcase for the guitar. All for $416 (w/ tax)…not bad actually. I almost purchased the softcase but changed my mind when I realized I would be bringing my guitar to business trips so I could practice in my hotel room during the downtime.

 Gah….I don’t think I could sleep tonight….I’m just too excited. Don’t think I’ll be using or at least turning up the amp since it’s currently past 11:30pm where I’m located LOL…oh but when I get home tomorrow, I will be playing my heart out and releasing some stress on that “lovely”.

 Anyhow, my apologies since this is NOT a NatShiz drawing update…but I was too excited that I just had to share my *cough*…Joy! LOL….on a similar NatShiz note, I could now use this as reference for Natsuki’s next and LAST concert Hahahahaha! That scene will be coming up after Teh SMEX……XD

 Yeah….tomorrow will indeed be pure “Nirvana”…er…not the band…I’m referring to my state of mind Hahaha!


Lone Wolf




23 responses

27 09 2007

sigh… how I wish i know how to play guitar… no .. make that ANY instrument. *head drooping down in shame*
I’ve tried to learn guitar before… but gave up halfway. I’m such a baby and can’t handle pain. 😛
(and i have SUCH SHORT fingers! Gah! Not an excuse I know…)

Woah… my mom would hate to be your neighbour tomorrow. *grins*

Have fun with your new toy. 🙂

27 09 2007

It’s frigging beautiful and for some reason, I really like the headstock.

Just makes me wish I could play the guitar. >.<

27 09 2007

I can play piano but never guitar. Had a passing fancy for the banjo for some reason and still wish to learn the mandolin. Unfortunately I did have to play the flute which was pure agony (disliked it just a touch if you can’t tell ^_~).

But I must say that your “lovely” tis sexah.

I miss having a piano around … still going through withdrawals even after 5 years, how sad am I ^^;;.


P.S. *is intensely excited for new natshiz smex as well, though would still love a piano all the same ^_~*

27 09 2007

First of all: WOAH! I drools over black guitars. Once said that, Epiphone builds good guitars, mainly because they’re replicas of the Gibson ones – or maybe because Epiphone is the Gibson oriental branch, I’ve never clarified this.

Anyway they’re for sure good guitars. I heard that the studio model has very little differences from the standard and custom models, whose cost is so very higher, so: what a good purchase! And you’ve guessed right, it’s usually better to have a tough case for your guitar, also when it lies in your room and its destiny is to be played only there 😛
In the end, the only “problem” I can see is that it’s a pretty heavy guitar, but you’ll get used to it soon, if your passion is strong enough! With your physical suffering and your left shoulder screaming against you, your songs will be better! XD

For the amp problem (actually a very reliable one if you haven’t a soundproof room :P) you can buy a good pair of headphones with a five or six meters cable, and that’s how your problem is already solved!

In the end: like it! Thank you for the shots 😀 (Hahahahah you’ve put it on a bed to take them, isn’t it?)

27 09 2007

OMG! an electric guitar!! *squeal**squeal*
that’s totally awesome!
and nice colour too! xDxDxD
you have no idea how much i wish i have one of those electric guitar~
for now i only have a classic guitar-pity me-*shrug*
you’re sooooo lucky! (><)

no matter how long it takes, i’ll wait for your natshiz update like a loyal dog.*nod*nod*
can’t wait for your amazing work! ganbatte! (^^)

27 09 2007

WOW …so lucky that looks so nice. Good choice on the hard case because yeah they get pretty hit up in travel :(. I’m saving up for a Digitech Jam Pedal it has a memory card in it and you can prerecord on it and loop then play over it or if you’re on the road traveling and you’re working on a song or have an idea you can record it into your Digittech *_* you don’t even need a computer……just the pedal *_*

BTW – You soooo should have gotten the Hello Kitty Guitar. LOL

27 09 2007

I can understand your excitement. I lived with a bunch of musicians last year and they all went weak-in-the-knees when my friend Josh brought over his new guitar.

But then they had band practice at something like two thirty in the morning and I decided I hated them.

And – there’s no need to apologize for not posting NatShiz. This is your journal, do what you want with it.

27 09 2007

omfg, you have a gibson les paul? O_O I’ve wanted one for a while now, but they’re too expensive ($1000+ for the one I want) and you got that PLUS the amp for 416, gah I’m so jealous. I’m very surprsied you got something like that so cheap, Gibsons are pretty expensive. Man I need to start looking for a guitar store LOL.
Ah, and what kind of amp you got there? that looks pretty sweet.

27 09 2007
El Lobo

That’s awesome. Almost as good as NatShiz. Almost.
I used to play guitar but I quit. >_< I’m so bad at commitment. Now i just mess around with my guitar.
That reminds me I need a new string. I broke the damn thing while I was trying to tune it. But it wasnt my fault the stupid tuner said it needed to be a higher pitch.
Worthless piece of crap.

27 09 2007

Grah, I feel like an ass not knowing it was an Epiphone. Then again I had someone bitching over my shoulder about hurrying up and getting off so I only had time to skim and just look at the mini sized pictures… (and my mind is in ‘I WANT GIBSON GUITAR’ mode LOL)
So im guessing the guitar was 300, amps that that kind cost around 100 and the case is like 60+?… But… that doesn’t add up O_o
lol sorry, I’m like a guitar geek and get all happy and excited when I see one 😛

Now I miss my guitar… But thankfully I’m going home this weekend so I get to play it. xD

28 09 2007

WOW!!! is so awesome!!
i want to learn play guitar, but i dont have time T_T
sorry for the bad english xD

28 09 2007
Lone Wolf

So im guessing the guitar was 300, amps that that kind cost around 100 and the case is like 60+?… But… that doesn’t add up O_o

It’s called haggling. And the sales person wanted my business. Plus it helped that I flashed my Bandai employee badge LOL since the “Guitar Center” was within the same vicinity.

I know how to work the sales people ^_-.

29 09 2007


I heard you got a new guitar….looks cool~!!!!…it’s a beauty~!!!…so shiny and new…^-^…i didn’t know you played…that’s is so cool~!!!..^-^

talk to you later…^_^

29 09 2007
Lone Wolf

To kiluea:

Woah… my mom would hate to be your neighbour tomorrow. *grins*

Ummm…there’s a thing called “headphones….they can be utilized with amps. Of course there will be times when I want to piss my neighbors off intentionally of course because of their damn kids that get up on ungodly hours of the morning…I wish I could shoot them.

Then there are those stupid 20-something year old kids across from me and ther loud ridiculous parties….yeah I would like to annoy them too…when they’re fast asleep….stupid 20 year olds. I just want to run them over with my motocross bike grrrrrrr……

Gah…and why must I have juvenile dweebs visit my blog? -_- *sigh*

30 09 2007

That’s quite the piece of work there; she’s gorgeous. I hope you enjoy working her into a frenzy. 😉

Did you name ‘er?

30 09 2007

Waaa ^_^ that guitar is cool… some day i’ll buy one like that (lol yeah.. some day…).

Hahahaha.. stay in a private concert of lone wolf… *_* ….. ok ok too much imagination HAHAHA– –u ….LOL

30 09 2007

ah. so pretty.
at one point i was playing the guitar…and now it sits right up against my dresser gathering dust. i really should start playing again.

hooray for natshiz on next post! i miss your art. ;_;

1 10 2007

Ah, You lucky lucky girl you 😀

Makes me wish I had more connections in that department LOL

1 10 2007

ahh, sweet guitar. watching people play and browsing at music stores makes me wanna learn how to play it. i tried and it was difficult….i’ll just stick with my piano ^_^ have fun with it!

2 10 2007

~grins~ I totally understand with the sentiment. It was like the day I got my new hard case for my cello. Just kept staring at it. It was shiny and pretty. I don’t think I ever got around to practicing that day. Heh.

I should’ve brought my cello to college…

2 10 2007
Lone Wolf

To vinforspi:

LOL yeah! I would usually bring my work home from the office but I end up neglecting it because I would head straight for my “lovely”. Grrr…LOL.

22 10 2007

Was lookin’ for this… I might even
have to throw down a bookmark.

Buy Iphone

22 10 2007
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