5 11 2007

Just another thing I stumbled across while looking through my WordPress Dashboard

Sorry, I’m just laughing at all the terms that people used to try to find my Blog…yes, WordPress *does* have a feature where you can check stats and within those stats it displays terms and phrases that people typed in to try to find my Blog site.
LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!
Today’s Search Views:  (The numbers beside the search phrases indicate how many people utilized that particular phrase. XD

– shiznat mai hime 6
– lone wolf doujinshi 4
– do you feel lucky punk clint eastwood lo 2
– doujinshi shizuru natsuki 2
– doujin kid 1
– “ippikiookami.wordpress.com” 1
– DO YOU FEEL LUCKY lonewolf + wordpress 1
– Shiznat doujin 1

Search Views
– lone wolf natshiz 4
– Natsuki Shizuru doujinshi 2
– Lone Wolf the other side of me 1
– HiME 19 Shizuru Natsuki 1
– lone wolf: the other side of me doujin 1
– hot cartoon Ginza hime 1
– shiznat doujinshi books 1
– do ya punk 1
Seriously, this is too rich! And to even discover what terms people used….freaky….seriously…no privacy on the net….

LOL…doujin kid??? WTF 0_o;;;…and ‘hot cartoon Ginza hime’ was pretty hilarious.

(Still laughing)

-Lone Wolf




13 responses

5 11 2007

Pitiful hu-mans, I spit on your fail attempts.

Ha ha. Though, really, that’s rich. It’s not all that hard to find your site. D: I had gotten it on my second try. =3

What’s a Ginza? Is that like a Furbie? *Googles* 0_o

Oh, a district. Ha.

5 11 2007

glad your enjoying our suffering while searching… sniff

5 11 2007
El Lobo

Hot cartoon Ginza hime? Lol wtf?

5 11 2007
Lone Wolf

To CeruleanFeng

Ginza is also a city within the Tokyo District in Japan. Mostly a touristy area and lots of high-class shopping…much like a Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

On the plus side it does have an ‘Itoya’ shop where I got a chance to do some massive art supply shopping for technical pens and pencils, drafting rulers, straight-edges, etc.

5 11 2007

haha, wordpress boost quite a lot of feedback features.

‘doujin kid’ hahah, seriously?

5 11 2007

I used this one –>ippikiookami.wordpress.com(at the first time but didn’t get you O_o ) and “the other side of me doujin-lone wolf” ^^

but this one–> ‘hot cartoon Ginza hime’ ..AHAHAHAHHA lol ..too good

6 11 2007

lol, wait, what??

I used varying forms of ‘ippiki ookami’.wordpress.com .. and bingo! *-*;;

Some of those are pretty.. .. .. … hrrrmm..

6 11 2007

way to go~~

6 11 2007

doujin kid? LOL
I signed up because I want to follow on your work, didn’t know how to use wordpress at all so I give up. Thankfully, I got some help from you and finally I’m here. But all those search, those two that you mention are sure hilarious…oh, such a beautiful mind..

6 11 2007

That is pretty rich XD One of those was mine, but I will not say which one XD

7 11 2007

your right that is pretty hilarious…especially the ginza hime thing….lol!!!!!
i kept using lone wolf and ippiki ookami in various forms and…HERE I AM!!!

7 11 2007

XD Those are hilarious. I don’t think I even used the search… Oo I forgot how I found you on here. lol

9 11 2007

I got the same search terms a while ago because of the comments spiderlilies and I made about finding you lol. xD

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