明けましておめでとうございます! And some Natshiz (Continuation of Mai Hime Destiny doujin: “Someday”)

2 01 2008


Here’s “Mai Hime Destiny: Someday” Pages 4 and 5

To read the previous pages Click Here.

Remember to read all pages from RIGHT to LEFT (like typical manga pages)

Page 4:

page 4

Page 5

page 5

 As you can see, I decided to try different mediums for this doujin and will continue to do so. I figured there ought to be one doujin where I can go in various design directions. Perhaps the next few pages for this one will be in gouache paint or water colors….we’ll see. As for other updates….I’ll update when I update….this updates are basically just to appease myself but if other people happen to enjoy them, then what heck…yay.

 In the pit of fluenza right now so I’m currently feeling like crap but I’m hoping I should recover soon.  My disgruntled behaviour has made me miss going to the shooting range. I can’t believe that I haven’t gone in 2 MONTHS! aaarrrrgh! So I ended up going twice during my vacation. Last week it was to the Indoor range and Friday morning and afternoon was spent at the Outdoor range which was a blast.

Indoor Shooting range:

Shooting with a SIG SAUER P229

Indoor 1

Indoor 2 (Gah….after a 2 month absence, I’m pretty rusty…notice I have no grouping LOL…but since I chose a human-shaped target this time, I killed the target regardless haha!)

Outdoor Shooting range:

Outdoor – Mauser – OMG…I love this rifle. It’s a friends but I’ll be making a purchase soon, heh, heh! I got to shoot the Mosin Nagnat as well and there is such a difference in the way both rifles load. The nice precision on the Mauser is spectacular. Cocking it was so easy, while the Nagnat was a bit of a struggle but easy to adapt to.

Haha! I thought the images still hid my identity and with the indoor photo, I just look like every other Asian woman in Southern California LOL!

Weird though….2 days after Christmas, I had this odd dream that I had murdered someone and ended up on death row. -_-;;;…oh well…..um…I only shoot for sport by the way, heh ^_^;;

 I’m going to end my post here. Got to go to bed and get ready for work tomorrow morning.

 Oh yeah, forgot…

Happy extremely- BELATED Birthday, Shizuru!

A Belated Merry Christmas LOL!….and

明けましておめでとうございます! (Happy New Year!) ^_-

Here’s hoping that I don’t get so stressed out and frustrated in 2008…damn…getting older *rolls eyes*.


PS: For those that sent me an email, I promise to respond back soon…yes, I’m really bad at promptly responding especially when I’ve been drowning at work. ^_^;; ごめんね

And one more thing…I’m deleting (yes completely getting rid of) my LiveJournal account in a few minutes so if you haven’t seen what you wanted to…then too bad.  =p

EDIT: 1:15am – LJ DELETED….w00t!

 -Lone Wolf




25 responses

2 01 2008

Update! YES! Thank you so much! 🙂
Happy New Year and I hope you recover soon.

2 01 2008

YEAH!!! UPDATE!! Happy New Year to ya^_^ Thank you so much.

2 01 2008

oh nice o.o really like it no scratch that i loved it ^^ yup yup ^^ chibis xDD nice

2 01 2008

Happy Holidays to you too!

Down with the sickness, huh? Know the feeling. Good luck with work and hope you feel better. My lovely doctor’s note will keep me out of work for two more days. Yay for paid sick leave!

Seems like you had a good time at the shooting range. Just don’t go while you’re sick. You might sneeze and shoot something else =p

Bleh, must go lie down. At least I got to see some awesome artwork before doing so ^_^

2 01 2008

Wonderful! *_______* I simply loved the colored one, nice style! Shizuru’s face on the upper left corner looks amazing.

Hate to be a nag, but what about the Other Side of Me? *puppy eyes*

By the way, is there any chance you could send me the previous pages of Other Side? I wanted to keep them on my hd so I could read them over and over – yes, I am that dorky. You don’t have it on your fanart site and I can’t find it anywhere else (since your LJ went kablooey). Hm, well, I did find a Spanish translation of it, but I prefer the originals. Pretty please?

3 01 2008

Oooh, an update! yay! _< Might have to settle with Aikido. ;3

3 01 2008

(Oh, my. I suppose I had too many emotes, or I did something wrong. meh, repost.)

Oooh, an update! yay! Gah, I love your coloring. A-freaking-mazing. *Complex*

Blech, influenza. I feel your pain. The last time I had it I had such a high fever that I was delirious. I hope you don’t have it that bad.

Shooting range: The best way to get rid of stress. I still want to go to one, but, bleh, Mass sucks. I doubt there are anywhere nearby. Might have to settle with Aikido.

3 01 2008

Wow, your artwork is amazing *__* Sugoi!
Aww…I hope you get well soon _> LOL I hope it was fun ^_^
Good luck with everything!

3 01 2008

An update, yay!!! And a happy new year to you as well.

I liked the black and white over the colored one for the most part.
I can’t wait to see where you plan on taking this story. I’m dying to know how Shizuru betrayed Natsuki.

Hope you’re feeling better. Last time I had the flu, I could barely get out of bed. Now I have to get vaccinated every year since I work in a hospital.

Can’t wait to see what happens next in this or Other Side of Me

4 01 2008
El Lobo

Whoo its like a late christmas present. Oh btw merry late christmas and happy late new year!

Hope you get over your flu soon. It sucks to be sick AND have to work so, uh, take some vitamin c or something.

Yeah I share your hope for not getting frustrated and stressed this year but i doubt that will happen. I usually have a pessimistic outlook though. Oh well I read a qoute somewhere once that said ” The great thing about being a pessimist is that youre either always right or pleasently surprised.”

4 01 2008

OK first, HAPPY NEW YEAR, I wish all of your wishes come true. ^^b
I just visit Apollyon’s lj and now this, ah what a great day for me. ^_____^
THANK YOU so much

btw. I like your colored page but I still love your pencil style most (page1-3).

4 01 2008

oh I forgot, Did you read Destiny Awaits by centauri2002?
Don’t know why your doujinshi alway remind me of its. ^^”

4 01 2008


Happy (belated) New Year and stuff! ^__^ Glad to see ya still around and stuff. As always, your art is amazing and pretty andand all that good stuff (yay bad repetition). >.< Shizuru love! Neways, playing around with mediums is always fun and it’s good to branch out from comfort zone once and a while. I’m sure anything you do will turn out absolutely breath-taking

And personally, I think the whole “I’ll update when I update” and self-appeasement thing is an awesome philosophy and I full-heartedly support it. So…have fun doing whatever you want. ~grins~

May you get better soon and try to keep it easy!

5 01 2008

woah, so your company picked up those anime huh? cool! besides, i loved some of those animes…. especially lucky star. =3

oh, yay! you updated your doujin! -dance around- ^_^ got to say, loved the colour page, hehe. and gosh, even when you’re THAT busy, you still manage to make these pages! you’re amazing! i wonder how you plan your time….. -_-;;

you caught an influeza? ouch, errr, i hope you get beter soon….. just don’t throw away the medicine even if it didn’t feel good! XD that is if you have any, lol.

and wow! O.o nice shoting stand~ ^^b

5 01 2008

You’re alive! Well kinda sorta … anyway.

I wish we had a shooting range down where I am, alas I think it closed and another one hasn’t opened, much sadness abounds.

Sounds like hectic isn’t quite strong enough to use in relation to you and work these days. And it’s craptacular that you’re sick as well. ><;;

But hopefully you’re starting to sally forth and all that jazz. Good luck with work and the new year.

7 01 2008

As always your style is amazing.
Thank you for your work, and really, happy new year.
I think that your talent is to be able to give to your charachters passion: it’s a rare talent.

7 01 2008

w00t! XD yay for update. hmm…since you’ve deleted your lj account, will you be reposting your artwork here on this site? or will it be ‘hidden’ from us forever? lol. happy new year/ merry christmas and i hope you feel better soon in health/mind/body/work. =D

8 01 2008

I feel like pushing him down the balcony at work every time

I laughed so hard when i read that….. well hey if you can tag photos on the targets at the shooting ranges then …………………………..

Oh and long live the Code Geass project! lmao I’ll drink to that one. XD

8 01 2008

very interesting.
i’m adding in RSS Reader

8 01 2008

my gosh dude.

i used to look at ur work at lj. but because i don’t own a lj account myself i couldn’t carry on enjoyin ur work after it went friends only. obviously i wasn’t a friend anyway and probably wouldn’t be. but i missed out commenting on ur art. so i’ll say now, i’ve loved lookin at every single piece i could! anyway enough arse kissing.

10 01 2008

Merry Post-Christmas, Happy Post-New Year?? o_o;;

I’m not sure if I’ve seen you done a page in color before. *-*
And I hope that you’ve gotten better~

13 01 2008

And here I thought you dropped off of the planet. I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and such but since it was so quiet, I figured you headed off to Comiket. Glad to see you back and in fighting form.

15 01 2008

I like the one with the color!
shizuru expression makes her look *cough* innocence which probably one reason why it always irrirates poor natsuki 😀
betrayed? hmm, i’m anxious…i read a little of HimeDestiny…knowing that they are once friend, almost rival, almost more than friend if not less, and now Natsuki is drawing a line btw them…i wonder what her betrayal is?
anyone, the hugging natsuki from behind just make me smile -bittersweet…

29 02 2008

It’s been a really long while that I drop by. I’m happy to see more doujinshi up. 🙂

Though I think I like the pencil ones better, I don’t know. I like the texture.

Girls with guns.. yummm… I miss shooting range myself, but I wanna do archery now.

Hope to see more soon.

4 05 2008

in any way you would do it I’m sure that everywone will like it because…it’s you,your work!

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