28 01 2008

LOL, I couldn’t get this train of thought out of my mind as I was heading to work this morning. On my way to work I usually listen to whatever….it can range from classical music, Jazz and even classic Punk but on occassion, I’ll be an asian cliche and listen to JPOP…..LOL.

 Yeah, this post isn’t so important as I noticed most of my posts are these days. That’s because underlining my true life-ridden thoughts are a bunch of “superficial” ones that are itching to make it’s way out. And so as a result….a rant about JPOP.

 It’s amazing how many anime fans or mostly Japanophiliacs are turned on to JPOP. Well, why wouldn’t they? The tunes are catchy and at times bouncy. To be honest, there’s a song for almost every mood so it’s easy to get sucked into these songs. Really…I find myself falling into their trap as well.

 If one really sits down and takes apart a JPOP song there really isn’t much to it anyway, right? It’s a well known fact that Japanese singers are not the most gifted singers in the world. At most they could carry a tune and perhaps produce a small amount of ‘vibrato’…but nothing more complex than a person experienced in ‘Karaoke’.

Now there ARE japanese singers who are also known for their instrumental skills, like take YUI for instance. Her guitar skills are quite nice! But…they are NOT earth shattering. Hell, there is a reason that YUI and many other Japanese music artists will not make it quite big overseas and become a household name. People like her come a dime-a-dozen here in the US. Can you really say she along with other JPOP and even JROCK artist are of the same Caliber as the musicians that are born and bred here in America or even Europe?

Most of these Japanese singers have to rely on Studio equipment enhancement…some overlay here…some 3-part harmony over there just right before or after the “pre-chorus” and/or “bridge” section of the song…heck, maybe even the verse, but…..

 …without those enhancements…you won’t get much musical depth. Japan is a collective society and is even criticized by it’s own native critics that Japanese artist strive to “copy”…mostly western culture but not quite “getting it”. The famous acting school located in Okinawa that spawned many music artists like SPEED, Amuro Namie, DaPump and a myriad of cookie-cutter groups have been criticized for this same exact sentiment. A shame, really, but it rings true.

 LOL, I think I’ll stick with my classic punk and even jazz for now…though I must admit, J-PUNK is not too bad but again…nothing earth-shattering. Especially since these days, the newer punk music doesn’t have anything remotely “Anarchist” about it. LOL LOL

 And this concludes my “superficial thoughts” of the day…at least it sugar coats the ugliness I’m about to encounter in the next few hours.

Never work for the entertainment industry…..NEVER CONFORM!!!! Heed my words, young ones!

PS: I know you are expecting a NATSHIZ update….again it takes a backseat just for a moment since I’m concentrating on finishing up my series of paintings that I’ve been eagerly trying to get done…but when one multitasks, even that could be almost impossible. Gqah…hoping to set up my art gallery in Huntington Beach soon after my Japan Trip in March. It’s nothing anime related LOL…I’m just going back to my roots and utilizing a lot of acrylics, dry pastels, conte, charcoal, etc. Anyhow this is more of a series of work that was inspired by some really morbid ideas from my brother. Once all my canvases are completed…MAYBE I’ll post it here…but then again it’s not NatShiz, so not everyone will care LOL.

–Lone Wolf




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28 01 2008

Oh yes, please post your paintings inspired by morbid ideas; sounds terribly interesting!

Sadly (or luckily?;)) I know nothing about JPOP, so I can`t comment on that.

“Can you really say she along with other JPOP and even JROCK artist are of the same Caliber as the musicians that are born and bred here in America or even Europe?”
LOL that statement made me laugh *waves flag for…err what would you call it?..EUPOP? EUROCK?* lol. No honestly, I agree that there is a lot of great music coming from the US (or America in general, South or North; two of my favourite artists – Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen – are Canadian for example) but there are really lots of great artists / bands over here in Europe (as I`m sure you know since you like classic punk;)). Not that you think I`m offended; I`m only amused by the particular phrasing of that statement.;)

28 01 2008
Lone Wolf


Not that you think I`m offended; I`m only amused by the particular phrasing of that statement.;)

Hmmm…what would be offending from what I mentioned? I wasn’t even being remotely sarcastic about the US and Europe being of higher caliber. Meh…whatever. I think we’re just not on the same page.

28 01 2008

To Lone Wolf

No, I got that you were not being sarcastic. I was referring to the “even Europe” part. It sounded slightly as if Europe usually wasn`t a standart when it comes to good music, but compared to JPOP, even Europe was a “higher caliber”. I know that wasn`t what you meant though.

Sorry, if that didn`t come across as I intended it to. I think I was just in an overly playful mood; so I commented on something that actually was just a minor detail. I didn`t want to make a big deal out of it though. But in the end… yes, it was just a stupid comment (on my part); so let`s forget about it.

28 01 2008

Paintings? Yes please!

Ahh good ole JPOP. Indeed a lot of it does sound the same. The beats are catchy though and I’ve found myself getting sucked into it plenty of times. The vocal range of most of the singers never seems to change. Although that can also be said of a lot of American artists too. Even the music here these days sounds similar to songs of the past. That’s why it’s awesome when you manage to find one band amongst the many that can actually change their sound on a whim and do it well.

For some reason when you were talking about JPOP it made me think of these concert videos from Japan. I always thought it was funny that the only thing separating the crowd from the stage was one little ity bity tiny piece of string… more or less. Unlike in the states where you have metal bars and security everywhere hehe. Then again it’s a culture thing.

One that I love them for too as I run into tons of Japanese tourists in my job and it makes my life so easy. They don’t yell at me, grumble about why they can’t do this or that, or in general throw things around and have a temper tantrum. If anything it’s fun talking to them as I always learn something new ^_^ Even if the only thing I learned was how to say “turn around” by accident. Trying to give directions is always fun as every time I run into a word I can’t translate it’s mimic time!

Now that I went off on my own superficial rant… I’m gonna read a book 😛

29 01 2008
El Lobo

Hmm Ive never listened to jpop before. Maybe I should check it out? Im not much into pop though. The only real pop stuff I listen to is 80’s Michael jackson.

Who cares if its not natshiz? Everything you draw is great so Im sure everyone will want to see the paintings. And if they dont, I wanna see so go ahead and put it up.

I better get back to my homework ~cough~ I mean actually start it. Looking forward to the paintings.

29 01 2008

Indeed. Quality of Japanese singers are lacking a bit…
But damn are those songs catchy!!
Personally, I’d love to see your paintings. It’d be a nice treat!

29 01 2008


Heh, J-Rock does have a certain tune to it though 😛 I actually listen to it a lot more than the over-rated American rock. Have you ever heard any of High and Mighty Color or Dir En Grey’s music? They are very awesome ^_^

As for your paintings, I’d have to say, I would love to see them. Even if it isn’t NatShiz, your artwork is brilliant! I admire you and your work very much ^_-

~ShizNat_No_Yume a.k.a Samy

29 01 2008

JPOP…. *shudder* I’ve always managed to stay as far away from that as humanly possible. It just never appealed to me, but I can see how many Japanophiles and die-hard anime fans (should I call them otaku?) would cling to it, being Japanophiles and otaku…. heh. I tried listening to it, but it actually kinda got on my nerves, like I was listening to the cast of Hamtaro on helium.

I dunno if I should call it JPOP, but I do listen to Kirei na Yume no Sono Hate Ni and Katakoi Enka every so often. I’d say Shindou Naomi is one of the most talented Japanese singers today. Though, that coming from someone who is not a fan of JPOP probably doesn’t mean much.

Never work for the entertainment industry…
I’m pretty sure you’ve scared us all out of it, lol.

PS: I know you are expecting a NATSHIZ update
Not really, actually. XD Judging from the amount of time between your other updates, I’d say we have at least another month and a half to go before you start getting those obnoxious emails again. :’D

29 01 2008

Hey I’d love to see your paintings. From what I’ve seen, I think you’re a very good artist and I’d like to see what you can do with different mediums.

I agree with CeruleanFeng, you’ve pretty much kept the idea of working there out of our minds, but it’s still interesting to listen to. And kudos to you for what you have to go through, younger bosses and all, lol.

29 01 2008
Christina V.

• lol what can I say? Everything you’ve mentioned I can agree with and all of it can be said about American music. These days it’s rare to find true talent in the music industry. It’s all crap these days.

• Regarding the whole “NEVER WORK FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY” comment, I agree, but I want to see what I can bring to the table in the graphic industry as cruel and as heart-breaking it can be.

• Take your time on the NatShiz updates. You’ve been busy and I totally understand how some parts of life can take control of the whole damn part of it aka WORK lol. And if you do post any of your canvases, I can tell you I would care. I take your advice and admire your work every time I come across and read your posts. I guess what I am saying is, what you say does matter.

29 01 2008

Ah, Jpop. Honestly I’m ambivalent to it, but that’s probably because I don’t listen to much of it. Though, I have to say, what I have seen does make me giggle and laugh. More so if I’ve seen the MV/PV/whatever they are called. Oh, how I loved my stay in Taiwan and the time I wasted watching TV. And, well, to be fair, Mandopop isn’t that much better.

Then again, I listen to some of the most random things so I’m not really one to say. ~stuffs her Bach, Sibelius, and OSTs in a corner~

To be optimistic, I don’t think the any of the Asian countries are fully comfortable with any of the…mediums? I hesitate to call it that, but, it’ll do. Give it time and sooner or later you’ll get some earth-shattering singer or band that raises the bar or at least turns Jpop or whatever into something more Japanese and less fake American. ~shrugs~ It’s the way with everything. Kinda like how writing was waaay back then–when it was said how American writers/poets didn’t equal the British and stuff.

And, bah. Who cares about the “everyone?” Certainty not you, at least from the impression you give. You get enough grief from work so just unwind and do whatever you want. ^__^ I’ll be happy for anything you stick up here because you make pretty things and I shall mindlessly fangirl anything you do. ~grins~

29 01 2008

For being one of those people you’ve described as transitioning from anime to J-pop musically (though I was turned on to it by Hamasaki Ayumi’s “Depend on You” from the PS1 game Thousand Arms), I’ve defintely haven’t stuck with the genre. It certainly fits a mood, be it from the standard pop sound of mystical pop/contemporary of Rurutia, to the absurdly happy and zany HALCALI, to the all-encompassing sound of m-flo. Even though I don’t listen or keep up with many artists or groups for the very same complaint, I’m grateful for the other foreign sounds it’s opened me to enjoy; I just wish I didn’t have to wade through all the rocks to get to the jewels.

2 02 2008

At random, I haven’t been to Huntington Beach yet, and it’s like 15 minutes from UCI or something.

Anyhow.. hmmm.. I listen to JPOP really selectively. The only artist I’ve really continued with was Utada Hikaru. I’m not sure if the circumstances are the same, but they seem to really feel different from the usual forms of JPOP. It’s not the bubbly sort or R&B sort.. I don’t know. :O
I think she’s been writing her own songs for quite some time? And her range is ‘holycrap’ low and high. I’ve had a lot of trouble trying to sing covers of her songs (well, not just me). They’re hard to sing sometimes. ;^;

Aside from that, I think enka is pretty enjoyable at times (thus Katakoi Enka is delicious).. and I love my doses of classical music from time to time.

I’m rather picky, overall, with my JPOP.

And take your time with the NatShiz. Which gallery in Huntington Beach would be in? I’m not too familiar with HB as I am with Los Angeles. o_o;

7 02 2008

I listen to JPOP sometimes…but it’s a kind of music you can’t listen too for very long…I’ll stay with my good old 80s pop asnd the metal (weird mix I know XD ).

The copy-thingie….yeah I know what you’re talking about…we have the problem here in Germany too. Unfortunatly it the “young” ( I feel so old while typing this…) kids these days who try to copy the “Hip-Hop-style” à la 50 Cent and Co.
Result is that the music is detoriating…and honestly I don’t want to go out anymore..cause everywhere I go there are those damn rappers.
I’ve got nothing against the music…it’s the agressive behaviour and style I don’t like…

Anyway…come on! Post your paintings. Me wants to see them. ^^

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