March agendas

11 02 2008

Well, I can’t say too much is occuring in March besides my Japan trip from the 19th to the 31st.

 We’ll most likely be staying in Ikebukuro once again…maybe even the same place. Gotta work on those “Frequent Flyer miles”…grrrr.

 My current status…more or less the same LOL. And to top it off I’m still taking some 3D courses. Right now I’m making a female model template since I’m suppose to have something animated by the end of this course. AAAARRRRGH!

I decided to model the character that I animated in 2D a year ago. Just an original character that I was suppose to develop over the course of two years since I will have to actually make a fully playable Video Game Cut scene by the end of this entire Game Design program that I’m currently involved in. As a result, I’m really feeling burnout but at this point I’m very close to getting my 2nd Bachelor’s in art. Still….my mother wonders why I need another one LOL…she keeps complaining that I should have just gone for my Masters but I told her that an artist has to always improve their craft. An artist never stops learning…and what the hell is wrong with 2 BA’s??  LMAO!

 But anyway, back to the 3D model. I should have a sample of that up by next week…especially since that’s when I have to submit that to the instructor LOL ^_^;; I’m having a bit of trouble with the Shibuya cityscape but hopefully the textures I picked out will end up looking similar to the real deal.

 For now, I will just refresh your memory of the “few second” 2D character animated sequence that I posted in opn Livejournal last year. You may be seeing a 3D version of this character by midweek next week.

 On top of that, I’ll use that template and create a 3D Natsuki. I’ve already taken the liberty of modeling a bike for her….technically it’s for my original character but it’s easily tweakable and I can create perhaps a Triumph Speed Triple out of the Yamaha RZ 350 that I have the base for.

So yeah, here’s my progress so far *sigh* (NOTE: What really urks me is the fact that in this class we have a 1000 polygon limit…low-poly modeling is difficult to do since the poly’s are low and you still have to make something look decent LOL!)

Body : Torno, arms and legs (currently working on Head, Hands and Feet.) NOTE: wondering if I should put this character in a bike suit or her school outfit which consists of Blazer and short skirt.

Incomplete body

*Just* the face (Which is the most difficult part) – I’ll be trying to finish up the entire head tonight (crosses fingers)

face only

*sigh*…so to reiterate, it just needs the following to complete the template: Hands, Feet and the rest of the head LOL! The hair and clothing will be modeled soon as well but then I have to find appropriate textures for everything.

Incomplete Motorcycle: This one still needs to be chamferred, smoothed (especially the seat cowl) and it needs an exhaust pipe PLUS textures. I have to tweak the engine as well. It’s got a V-twin engine w00t!!! It’s also in need of the clutch, rear and front brakes, brake fluid container, etc.

Top angle motorcycle

And last but not least, the original short 2D animated scene I posted last year. Just click and download the link to see the VERY short animated scene XD:

 Phew…I have a lot of work ahead of me but I’ll need this to spruce up my *old* portfolio since I’m trying to get into the Japanese animation industry…BUT I definitely have to step up my game….my current 3D skills are not up to par but I’m working on that…just plenty of practice, a faster machine LOL, and LOTS of patience.

Until then…

–Lone Wolf




3 responses

12 02 2008

Sounds like you’ve got some very interesting developments going on there. Good luck with getting your model done and in showing it and your other work off!

12 02 2008
El Lobo

Wow it looks like you got a lot of things going on now. Good luck with your model and those frequent flyer miles. Hope you have a good time in Japan.

12 02 2008

Ah.. 3D really appears hard, having to make sure things look right at different angles. 😮 ..

I think I’ll watching around if they ever need a singer or something. (Yeah, right.)

Too unfortunate that they don’t bother dubbing songs at times because of the extra complications and costs.

Have a safe trip. I stayed in Ikebukuro last summer for a week, rather convenient there where I was.

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