The Absurdity of Humanity….

3 03 2008

 …And we are all aware of this fact.  

Imagine entrusting yourself in a company of individuals….no…more like a collective group. And what makes them a “Collective” group? The fact that these people continuously succumbs to “peer pressure”.


You know, it’s funny. 20 years ago when I was only 14, I would have never imagined using the term “Peer Pressure” for a cluster of 30 and 40-something year old men and women. But it’s true. In companies, and rather large ones, these still rings true….even more so in a Japanese company.


Now I’ve once worked for a small Japanese design firm based in Los Angeles but perhaps it was the size of the group and the fact that these Japanese folk needed to retain their hip personas by showing how “Pro American” they were. These Japanese design firm owners seemed to be envious of how Americans were such individualists. They didn’t want to have someone do the thinking for them…they wanted to think for themselves. As a result, the atmosphere, though still stressful with deadlines, ended up becoming a laid back environment. There was this honor system that we abided by and it worked. Unfortunately another design firm had made its way in our vicinity and it lead to our firm closing down a year later but regardless, it was a positive experience to remember.


Anyhow this doesn’t specifically apply to just Japanese companies. No…this is common thing for most corporations in the entertainment and toy industry. Mattel is one prime example…I used to work for them. Don’t forget that the Anime and Video Game industry *is* indeed part of that heinous Entertainment sector as well. Chauvinism *is* ever prevalent and the scary thing is that most people within their respective companies are TOO dense to realize this…or they are simply spineless…perhaps it’s both. Women are treated poorly but not to the point where it’s noticeable. It’s a lot like relationships and marriage. Yes, your honeymoon may be great and life after the honeymoon may be peachy for a week or two but in time, your partner reveals their true nature and you begin to see the “ugly side” of marriage. This is exactly what it’s like in big corporations. However to avoid conflict, you rarely voice your opinion. You just become a company lap dog. Funny, that my predecessor mentioned this a year ago. Her vendors, which eventually became my vendors, were well informed of what kind of “ugliness” goes on behind closed doors. I’ll have to hand it to Bandai though. They certainly know how to put up a façade.


So going back to the original topic, company folk who are “conformists” are people who passively let the higher-ups walk all over them. Why? Well for one, they want to keep themselves employed naturally. Most of us have families and mortgages to take care of so naturally you become a “Yes Man”…or rather a “Yes Person”. Even if you think something is ethically erroneous, you cave in because you know that you are just another number for them to toy with. This fact coupled with things like “density” can prevent an individual or even a group of people to speak up. Just keep in mind that most Asians are NOT confrontational people but one would think that confrontation would be a learnt trait after spending so much time in the States. Pfff….right. Instead they huddle in a group with their similar peers and “DISCUSS” people *chuckles*. LOL, I tried avoiding the word ‘Gossip’ but there really isn’t anyway around it, heh.


Also keep in mind that not all corporations are like this, a good majority are, but not all. I do recall feeling at home when I had worked with Sony Pictures. I was reminiscing and wondering why I had left that company. Then I remembered that Mattel offered more money. It was a difficult decision to leave Sony but hey….sometimes you have to admit that money speaks volumes and wins out in the end. It’s a sad fact.


I guess what I’m trying to point out is that you should remain cautious when working for a huge corporation. Do your research. Know your rights as an individual. Don’t let yourself be pushed around. And if possible, keep a record of everything from email, conversations (well try your best to recall as much as you can) and everything else. You never know when you might need it again to prove a point.


Reality is that you won’t be respected for your skills. You have to become part of the “Boy’s Club”. If you’re an outsider, than you risk having to fight the good fight alone.


I guess this is further proof that I will forever remain a “Lone Wolf”.


Bottom line is DO NOT BECOME A SELLOUT. I absolutely detest conformists…especially ones that lack a backbone. Yes, there are people that talk “The Big Talk” at the office but in the end, they don’t produce any results. They just continuously gripe silently and suck up to cold and calculating management.


I have no respect for such pathetic beings especially, the ones that feel the need to “kiss ass” in order to get ahead or at least obtain a false sense of respect from the others.


Yup….dense and spineless.


Well, those are my thoughts for the day. If all else fails…remember…there’s karma.


–Lone Wolf