Foul mood equates to “Nao’s death” (quick scribble inside)

26 04 2008

Ah yes…foul mood indeed. And this is the result…

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Heh, heh….Shizuru confessed♫….track 9 of the Mai Hime Destiny Drama CD #3

18 04 2008

……she confessed her love for Natsuki to EVERYONE…hahahahahaha! Read the rest of this entry »

OSOM Page 40….enjoy.

13 04 2008

So anyway, even if I’m no longer a Bandai employee, Bandai seems to be STILL monitoring my site hahahahahahaha!

I really don’t care anymore so here… 40 of “The Other Side of Me”. I just needed to further progress this story out of the bedroom. The next two pages (which I’m currently working) will depict Natsuki getting ready for her last concert.


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A Note about Mai Hime Destiny and it’s remaining chapters

7 04 2008

Hi Folks,

In my previous post about my Japan trip, I forgot to mention that I picked up volumes of the publication キャラの!(Or “Charano” for the nihongo challenged)

I haven’t read through them yet but once I do, at the very least, I’ll provide a summary of what occurs after chapter 6. This also means that I’ll wait until I’ve read the final chapter before I update my doujinshi based on Mai Hime Destiny. I’d like to be as accurate as possible.

On Animesuki, I made the announcement that Mai Hime Destiny ended with chapter 12 in the Volume 9, 2008 edition of “Charano” which features on the cover: Mayo, Rena, Shion, Sifr and Elliot. Besides the last chapter it advertises the 3rd Drama CD for Mai Hime Destiny which comes out this month on the 16th.

I’ve already placed my order a few days ago w00t!

So to reiterate what I had mentioned on Animesuki, there are a total of 12 chapters in Mai Hime Destiny. I’ll keep you posted with more info as it comes.

By the way…I love when Shizuru is feeding Natsuki….and Natsuki doesn’t really object. ^_-

Lone Wolf


Finally Back from Japan…plenty of visuals like THE LIQUID ROOM

4 04 2008

*sigh*…it’s only been a couple days since I left Japan and I’m already going through withdrawels. To be honest it sucks to be back in the States running into the usual annoyingly rude, inconsiderate people….mostly youngsters lol. XD

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