A Note about Mai Hime Destiny and it’s remaining chapters

7 04 2008

Hi Folks,

In my previous post about my Japan trip, I forgot to mention that I picked up volumes of the publication キャラの!(Or “Charano” for the nihongo challenged)

I haven’t read through them yet but once I do, at the very least, I’ll provide a summary of what occurs after chapter 6. This also means that I’ll wait until I’ve read the final chapter before I update my doujinshi based on Mai Hime Destiny. I’d like to be as accurate as possible.

On Animesuki, I made the announcement that Mai Hime Destiny ended with chapter 12 in the Volume 9, 2008 edition of “Charano” which features on the cover: Mayo, Rena, Shion, Sifr and Elliot. Besides the last chapter it advertises the 3rd Drama CD for Mai Hime Destiny which comes out this month on the 16th.

I’ve already placed my order a few days ago w00t!

So to reiterate what I had mentioned on Animesuki, there are a total of 12 chapters in Mai Hime Destiny. I’ll keep you posted with more info as it comes.

By the way…I love when Shizuru is feeding Natsuki….and Natsuki doesn’t really object. ^_-

Lone Wolf





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7 04 2008

12 chapters!? And we’re so undertranslated… I’m half tempted to hope we’ll eventually get a translation for the remaining ones and then not read your summary for fear of spoilers, but I don’t know what my chances are there. Gah. =/

9 04 2008

Only 12 chapters? I was hoping for more -_- You are really lucky one!^^

Wait! Shizuru was feeding Natsuki? 0_0 When? Where? How?! 0_0 Ah! Now I will die from curiosity^^

9 04 2008
Lone Wolf

To london12

Yup only 12 chapters. My schedule is pretty tight but I’ve at least made an attempt. Last night I translated the first 2 pages of chapter 6. Since chapter 6 is about 4 pages, I’ll split it into 4 sections and release about 10 pages per section…perhaps I’ll have the first set of 10 pages by next week….I’m rusty with my nhongo so don’t expect speedy translations LOL.

Anyhow, about Shizuru feeding Natsuki, it could be found in 3 different places.

1 – The Mai Hime Destiny drama CD 2 Track 11. They are have a meat roast party and Shizuru is feeding Natsuki LOL

2 – This link here. Scroll down to the bottom of the page:

3 – Now look here and scroll to the bottom of the page again

Anyway, gotta go…have so much work to do before the Exec Producer kills me LOL.

–Lone Wolf

11 04 2008

You’re going to translate this? That’s so awesome of you. ~is so very grateful~

11 04 2008
Lone Wolf

to vinforspi

LOL, don’t expect fast results XD….there are 40 pages in chapter 6 and so far I’ve only had time with my rusty kanji level to translate up to page 4. I have to admit though…a lot has been revealed in only the first 4 pages though. ^_^;;

I think I’ll split chapter 6 into 4 sections of 10 pages each. I’m hoping the other pages are shorter ^_^;;

–Lone Wolf

11 04 2008

bah, I’m not one to complain about slowness. ^__^;; Besides, tis awesome enough that you are putting the effort in and doing this huuge favor to all of the MH fandom and stuff seeing how you seem like a really crazy busy lady. Act itself warrants a very grateful “thank you.”

Hehe. But seriously? Take your time. Though I don’t think I need to tell you that seeing how you don’t seem one to give into those kind’ve pressures. XPXP

15 04 2008


Oh! Can’t wait^^ But I’m patient^^ Big thanks for that^^
1) Oh! And do you know where I could find this track?
2) Ah! How cute! And I also liked picture on top with Natsuki, Mai, Shizuru, Mayo and Shion! Cool one^^ Hope they will make show and include feeding scene there^^ And maybe more =P
3) Sad don’t understand a thing of what they are saying there^^

Big thanks for showing it! And good luck at work 😉 Hope he won’t kill you^^

15 04 2008

Ooh, thank you so much for the translations! I might just have to write something for you in thanks. Any requests?

16 04 2008

Wow! 40 pages in one chapter 0_0 That’s a lot! At first when you said there is only 12 chapters I was sad, but now when I saw this…It gives big hopes^^
Have you read it fully or didn’t have time yet?
Anyway thank you for translations which you will give^^

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