OSOM Page 40….enjoy.

13 04 2008

So anyway, even if I’m no longer a Bandai employee, Bandai seems to be STILL monitoring my site hahahahahahaha!

I really don’t care anymore so here…..page 40 of “The Other Side of Me”. I just needed to further progress this story out of the bedroom. The next two pages (which I’m currently working) will depict Natsuki getting ready for her last concert.


 LOL…fixed the Typo…..Thanks again syntheticjay! ^_^

Oh yeah an here….I re-uploaded all the files again….so they’re yours.


Take it! Take it and spread like mayo! Well….not exactly….if you do decide to post my crap at least let me know where you are going to post so that I don’t go “Ape-shit” if I “unexpectedly find it elsewhere ^_-

Oh yeah…the IT department of Bandai is watching…who knows….maybe even the legal department.

Say HI everyone! LOL


Oh yeah…before I end this post. I would just like to bring up a person who I used to respect….and hell….to think that I helped him get a job at Bandai LOL….well he’s now become a “Sell Out” so I don’t have much respect for this dweeb. Yeah he’s part of the Bandai rant I posted a few weeks before I went to Japan. He’s the one who’s knee caps I wanted to kick and probably should have for being such a “Typical” man….however now…he’s become a “YES” man. Sooo disappointing.

I used to work with this guy back when I worked for this Video Game publisher named “Crave Entertainment”…he seemed like a decent guy who would stand up for himself…this was my impression the first few months that I knew him but in the end he was like the rest of the guys there….he talked a big game but also showed no results….instead he ended leaving the company. So instead of making a difference and letting his voice be heard, he was like the rest of the guys who had no spine and would just complain behind the scenes.

Yeah he’s Da Man alright LOL. Plus he has no respect for asian culture as he constantly pokes fun of us. He seems to be racist too. I also worked at Mattel with this guy and he once refused to eat lunch with us because it was a “Cuban” restaurant!!!

*sigh*….sorry folks I had to get that off my chest. Anyhow here’s the deal….


…..I’m migrating to another blog site but I’ll just leave this blog site for Bandai to check out as I post weekly rants about some of the people there hahahaha!

I won’t provide the link here but I will provide a NatShiz question. Now none of the IT department are NatShiz fans so it’s not like they’ll comprehend the question. So once you have the answer to the question, just email with the answer….because only a NatShiz follower would know ^_-

 I will post the question on the main page of my website…not here but I will make one last post here letting everyone know what day I’ll move.

Any comments or questions regarding this, feel free to ask.

 EDIT: I just wanted to add one more important item. The game development company I work for has an affiliate that just opened up an official web blog that post the latest trends and anime news directly from Japan. It’s called “Akiba-Station.” Please check it out. It can be found here: http://akiba-station.com/. I also did some artwork for them which can be found right on the banner. However the full version can be found here: http://akiba-station.com/2008/04/07/all-aboard–new-look-approaching-on-platform-2–welcome-denshachan.aspx


Thanks again for your continued support!

Lone Wolf






25 responses

13 04 2008

Hi Bandai! ;D -waves- LOL

Ah, I ended up changing my mind about the e-mail xD I sent another one. And the forum is down permanently, since there are problems with the server. So I’m thinking of buying my own server, and starting up BloomingSakura again. But, I have a question. Would you like to be in partnership with me for the site? It would be very helpful to have you as an owner alongside me ^_^

Let me know what you think. And good luck with your work! 😀


14 04 2008

i was wondering if you meant “but I never realized how musically gifted she was…” at shizuru’s thought on the bottom left panel. had to read it twice just to make sure i read it right =P

good luck with your new job =)

14 04 2008

Bandai, if you’re reading this, please ship me an action figure of Natsuki Kruger or Gundam Deathscythe hell custom. Haha.

Goodluck with ze new job.

14 04 2008
Lone Wolf

To syntheticjay

LOL, I better fix that. Thank you for pointing that out! ^_^;;;

Perhaps I shouldn’t do things at 3am in the morning, heh. I’ll fix that right now and re-upload it.

–Lone Wolf

14 04 2008
Lone Wolf

To ShizNat_No_Yume

Wow, I’m flattered! =)

As much as I love to do that, I’m afraid I can’t commit much time into something like that since I’m bogged down with my new line of work. Right now we’re hoping to get our game out by June. Not sure about the workflow after our initial alpha stage but I believe I’ll be rolled over to the next video game project.

I’m really sorry! ^_^;;;….but thanks again for asking!

–Lone Wolf

14 04 2008

Nice to meet you.
I had a look at blog.
Please link to this site.

14 04 2008


It’s no problem at all ^_^ Just thought I’d ask =] Good luck with your work! ;D


14 04 2008

Wow, nice view Shizuru.
thanks for the update.
I thought, since today is my b-day, I mind just check on you and boom!
one pg. of OSOM. Oh, it’s fate 😛

anyways, you already working on two more pages…well, i hope it will be up soon 😀

16 04 2008

I wouldn’t want to be near that “Sell Out” dude that you were talking about. I’m asian myself and have been made fun of based on my culture. Definitely not a good feeling….

And what a beautiful facial shot of Shizuru! (lower left panel). That actually got most of my attention rather then the naked Natsuki panels.

17 04 2008
Christina V

Well my girl is asian…so HELL NO! THAT MAN IS DEAD!

Anyways love you, love your work, and let us know this new top secret blog site.

Oh and thank you for the complete comic.

17 04 2008
Lone Wolf

To Christina V

Well my girl is asian…so HELL NO! THAT MAN IS DEAD!

Trust me this guy puts up a mask in front of his superiors but when they turn their backs that’s when his claws come out. I swear, he’s just some loser….well anyhow, I believe karma will get him….LOL, it always seems to work in my favor.

Anyways love you, love your work, and let us know this new top secret blog site.

Right now I’m looking through some other blog sites. Not sure which one I’ll use at the moment since most of them seem to have similar features to WordPress…not that it’s a bad thing…I was just expecting more I guess? There’s one I’m testing out right now so I should have the final verdict by or before the end of this week.

Oh and thank you for the complete comic.

No problem! ^_^, well since I’m no longer attached to the “Deathstar”, I figured it would be a little gift to the NatShiz fans out there. Although I sometimes have to worry about their IT department AKA: Gestapo Hahahaha!

–Lone Wolf

17 04 2008
Lone Wolf

To Ultraviolet

I wouldn’t want to be near that “Sell Out” dude that you were talking about. I’m asian myself and have been made fun of based on my culture. Definitely not a good feeling….

Yup…back in the late seventies and most of the eighties, I attended this private school where I was practically the only asian. It sucked to stick out like a sore thumb. I wasn’t ashamed of my heritage but at that time I had wished I had found someone who had something in common like my ethnicity LOL.
I was mocked and teased quite a bit too. I remember the first time I was ever punched in the stomach when I was just 5 years old…this creeps name was Danny and right before I entered the classroom, he just swung a punch right into my gut. Geez…all I did was show up to class. Then I remember being called “chinky” because of my eyes….it’s traumatic being scoffed at because of one’s background and it’s not easy to forget.

However, when I reached highschool, I experienced a little more diversity. I still hated being different but at least there were a few more Asians who could empathize in my misery LOL. College was a godsend as I came to terms with my differences as well as the differences in others. Diversity was a normal thing in the University that I went too…it was great!

I’m actually glad there have been improvements in our subculture here in Los Angeles. Back when I was young, I absolutely loathed it because people were extremely ignorant. Well…people today are still ignorant but not as much and for that little bit of improvement, I’m grateful…I just hope I don’t run into anymore ignorant and ludicrous beings like that former coworker of mine.

–Lone Wolf

17 04 2008
Lone Wolf


I thought, since today is my b-day, I mind just check on you and boom!
one pg. of OSOM. Oh, it’s fate

Ah i see. Happy Birthday! ^^

–Lone Wolf

17 04 2008
Lone Wolf

To garvanguelle

Goodluck with ze new job.

Thank you! ^_^ And thanks for visiting my blog!

–Lone Wolf

17 04 2008

Hi, My name is Dara. I am from spanish (I dond´t speak english well).

Gracias por subir estas viñetas =) están geniales.

19 04 2008

Thank you so much for sharing the next page of OSOM. I had to laugh at the comment “take it and spread it like mayo!” The page is awesome again!

I`m happy that for you that you found a new job that you seem to enjoy much more than your old job at Bandai. I hope you wont have to deal with such ignorant people at work like the guy you mentionened; though sadly it seems such people can be found everywhere. Anyway, I wish you all the best for the new job.^_^

21 04 2008

Wow. Thank you for the upload.
I’ve been waiting for this.
I’m a big fan of Natshiz and have always shuffled through your
beautiful artwork and I love it. 😀

21 04 2008
El Lobo

Wow. Im gone for a little while and sh*t goes down! Anyway its great that you found a new job. Good luck.

22 04 2008

Thanks for the new page! The bit of drool at the corner of Natsuki’s mouth was a nice touch ^^ Spread it like mayo eh? Lol.. Would you mind if I linked the complete upload on my blog?

And oh, congrats on the new job! All the best in it! ^_^

27 04 2008

Wow…I drop off for a while and whole planets align. Oi…Bandai…you lost some good talent there so infringing on your FORMER employee’s privacy is against the law. Move along, punks….nothing to see unless you want to pay her what she’s worth *growl*

On a different note, glad to see that you’ve picked up the NatShiz again. I missed the pr0n 😉 I’ll email when I get a chance. A lot has happened since we talked last. Be well, yo.

2 06 2008

When you will put the next pages?
This doujin is great!

7 02 2009

hi im amy and i love the mangas. and if it’s cool with u i wanna put this stuff on youtube? i rlly like it and i wanna read more but… i cant find em in order but i love ur work :3

10 02 2009

I love your work Lone Wolf! <3<3<3

30 06 2010

I love your work… well i love shiznat *w*
I wonder…. you are going to continue OSOM??

30 06 2010
Lone Wolf

This is my old blog where I no longer post anything. I’ll continue it someday when I’m interested in OSOM again. Maybe. It was originally created for my own entertainment purposes and since it no longer entertains me as much, I’ve placed that project on the backburner…especially since I no longer work for the company that licensed this title.
For now I’ve moved on to other projects to help promote their business. Any NatShiz related stuff can be found at:

and some Mai Hime related news articles can be found on my official news site:
LW’s World of Popculture Goodies

Thank you for your patronage.


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