Foul mood equates to “Nao’s death” (quick scribble inside)

26 04 2008

Ah yes…foul mood indeed. And this is the result…

Self-explanatory…This is result of having such a lousy day that started out in a heated argument between one of my sisters. This particular sister, I’ve already disowned about 7 months ago….She’s dead to me. Anyhow she came by to pick something up but then she just had to act like a smart-ass. I tried ignoring her but she ended up bringing something that really hit home. So what did I do? I smacked her…well to be technical, I slapped her in the face but then she slapped me right back and then there was some hair pulling….and object throwing. Now I’ve got a scratch on my chin Hahahaha! Damn her.

My sisters and myself have been previously compared to the “Minami” sisters but we’re much worse than that. And…I was never a banchou, by the way….but I did play varsity volleyball LOL XD. Anyway, this isn’t nearly as bad as when my youngest sister (who is Chiaki’s equivalent) and the other sister (who we will call “Kana”) get into their little fights…well…”little” is an understatement. They get into full blown fist fights and in the past I had to “TRY” to be the mediator. Me a ‘mediator??? Pffff…..

LOL, I do recall our youthful days when we used to give each other bloody noses. Though my second youngest sister (Kana – the one I had a fight with today), wasn’t this horrid in the past. In fact at one point of her life, she was actually quite responsible and level-headed. Back then we were not sure what caused the personality change but then my youngest sister (Chiaki) mentioned an incident that occurred MANY, MANY years ago. When both of these brats were just mere children, “Chiaki” swung an aluminum bat right onto “Kana’s” head….we’re speculating that this is what altered “Kana’s” personality….again this is JUST speculation.

Well anyhow, the rough part of the day had passed and my brother came over. He uses my place as a midpoint to where his bandmates or friends can meet up with him and he can just carpool to a gig. I would like to say that he’s the normal one in the family but having come back from doing a Music Tour in the middle east, he came back looking like Charles Manson….buwahahahahaha! I like his current look though. I think he should keep it…however with my youngest sister’s wedding coming up in July, she’s certainly going to coerce him into shaving off his scraggly beard. I hope he at least keeps his fro….it’s just too cool and very “musician-like”.

My mother despises his look Hahaha….poor mother….she hates that fact that the both of us (my little brother and I) are the only bohemians in the family. Well…we’re the only ones in the family that chose to follow our dreams of pursuing the arts back in college while everyone else pursued either the medical field or engineering…..get over it Mother! Nah….it’s not so bad actually. Over the past 15 years she’s slowly accepted our career choices though once in awhile she’ll give me a ring and nag about it. XD

So going back to the “Nao-Death” illustration…I needed to do this in order to vent. Plus someone had the nerve to ‘jokingly’ send me a link to a ShizNao fic under the false pretenses that it was NatShiz….I hate when this happens. But remember, if you choose to send me these fics, it just causes me to create another death scenario for that bitch. And anyway, who cares if I do, correct? Portraying the death of a FICTIONAL character is a lot safer than killing an actual person….especially if the fictional character (IMO) reminds you of a person that is the epitomy of atrocious home-wreckers.


*sigh*….I guess enough venting and back to work.

Lone Wolf





10 responses

26 04 2008

oh, ouchie! >.< sounds really hurt……
i can totally feel what you meant though….
this sort of things tend to make people go foul mood for real.
and lol, oh wow, poor Nao… *snicker*

27 04 2008
El Lobo

“it just causes me to create another death scenario for that bitch.” LOL Youre amazing.

But I hear you on the family and fighting. Unfortunately I was never much of a artist so I couldnt draw to vent. Once my nephew and I went at it with 2X4’s when we were kids. I blame that on my inability to draw…

27 04 2008

They get into full blown fist fights
You should video tape it and sell the DVD edition. At least you’ll make some extra cash XD.

Seriously though Nao’s face in that panel is hilarious….i laughed so hard. I personally don’t hate her as a character but I find it funny to see you kill her in 101 ways.

Aside from that…..Thats wicked that you follow your dreams – very few people have the ability to do that…as sometimes the world eats them up. -_- (if that makes sense)

27 04 2008

Ah! I’m sorry to hear about you and your family troubles.

But then you killed Nao again. D: Not that I mind that much, but her face was priceless! I lol’ed so hard.

28 04 2008

i get knocked on about my major by family too. though some of them gave up along the way, haha.

what happened to tomoe deaths? do you just hate nao more, lol?

28 04 2008

Luckily, I’m the youngest, so my parents realized it’s no good forcing us into whatever boring major.
Oh, Nao. I thought Natsuki shot a vase on top of her head. Then I realized the vase WAS her head! LOL.
But what about Takeda. No one ever kills him. He gets beat up at most. In my head, perverted stupid guys who don’t understand “NO” are worse than Nao and …even Tomoe! Haha.
-Krubone 🙂

30 04 2008

you’re not…pacifists I suppose 😀
omg sister love… strange thing obviously

I love Natsukis hands on this pic, especially the watch (or whatever) on the wrist
yeah yeah strange person I am, but at least I don’t hit my sisters..though I only have a brother, but I would never hit him… wouldn’t be fun he’st just too calm….

And i wanted to add, that I admire your work and was a bit sad when your site with all the fanarts was down, so now I’m reassured that you still draw Shiznat
and the site reexists


30 04 2008

Wow, the story about you and your just like me and my damn older sister .hahhah..we fight….umm…we box each other ..-.- but I always end up losing X_X with nosebleed and no, it’s not same with the manga one XD the real one with pain *sigh*

(but I’m not losing anymore since I’ve trained my body lol)

have a nice day LoneWolf


7 05 2008

Damn,you really have bad realations with your sisters =/ Thankfully mine isn’t so bad, although we do fight sometimes^^
So all your sisters also has talent in drawing,including brother? 0_0 What a talented family you have! It is really sad that you are in bad relations with sisters =/

And you killed Nao again! I do like Nao…but her expression is funny in last panel^^
And yes,it is better to kill fictional character than somebody in reality^^

7 05 2008
Lone Wolf

To kitten320

So all your sisters also has talent in drawing,including brother? 0_0 What a talented family you have!

No no no…you’ve misunderstood. My brother and I are in the art field BUT he is a “MUSICIAN”. Musicians are artists too.

My two other sisters are NOT artists….they are nurses. In my post, all I said was that my brother and I are the ONLY bohemians in the family…that means that we are the ONLY ones that chose the “art field” as a career.

I chose the path of an illustrator/designer and he followed the path of a musician (guitarist)

–Lone Wolf

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