Some Requests to put up my ‘older’ Natsuki/Shizuru doujinshi (Mai Hime)

4 05 2008

Well…got a few emails from some people that didn’t catch all of my other doujinshi during the transition from my former LiveJournal page to this WordPress blog

Anyhow your wish has been granted. I’m feeling generous at the moment LOL. XD  Not sure how long this generosity will last but take it while it’s still around.


EDIT: Keep in mind that these are NOT completed doujinshi….BUT I will complete them…don’t worry.

EDIT: 10:27pm Pacific time update: It has been reported that the zip files contain errors. I’ve added access to the winrar files of these doujins.

EDIT: 11:32pm Pacific Time update: I deeply apologize…apparently both my compressing application are malfunctioning so I uploaded individual pages instead.

“The Spaghetti Western with no Name” – Just as the title explains. I basically put Natsuki into the role of “Clint Eastwood”  (remember Eastwood is my hero) while still leaving her persona intact. Ummm…page 4 is in Nihongo but I added the translaton on a different text file. Page 4 basically mimics a scene from the show “Friends” where Monica (during a flashback) invites Joey for some “Lemonade” *chuckles*…although I am not sure how to properly convey this scene in Nihongo so hopefully it makes sense ^_^;;;;;

Preview and link:

Natsuki Clint Eastwood style. 


“Escaping the Darkness” – This one was spawned after reading the book “Midnight Express” about a man falsely accused and sent to a Turkish prison. Except that my story is post-apocalyptic and with an element of “Mad-Max” Hahahaha!

Preview and Link:

page 1 of Escaping the Darkness


“Confessions” – (LOL This one is old…it looks like utter crap) This was based on my idea of what occurred during Shizuru’s graduation. Well the proof is in the Mai Hime Animation Book Volume 2. Just turn to page 25 and read the last paragraph in Shizuru’s profile

Preview and link:

Confessions 1

If for some reason you have trouble accessing the files or just the link itself, just let me know and I’ll try resolve the dilemma.

Well you know where to find the other stuff.


Oh…and another shout out to Bandai. what up! LOL…yeah I’m sure you are constantly making it difficult for people causing them to resent the fact that they’re working there. Ah yes, the evils of “suits”.

*sigh*…time to thrash on my electric guitar, Kuro-chan.

 EDIT: I just found out that Mai Hime is a Spoof of this Kamen Rider series called “Kamen Rider Ryuki”. You can find the wikipedia entry here:




–Lone Wolf





18 responses

4 05 2008

Thanks for putting them up.
But when i tried to download them it said the compressed files are invalid, thought you might want to know.

Thanks again,


4 05 2008
Lone Wolf

Thanks for letting me know!

I’ll change it to a winrar format.

–Lone Wolf

4 05 2008

-waves at Bandai again- Man, those guys sure do love you XD

And the winrar files are corrupt @_@ At least, that’s what it’s saying when I try extracting it =\ It’s hating on us xD


4 05 2008
Lone Wolf

Seriously? Ugh!!!!

Okay…I won’t compress the files. I’ll just upload them as seperate JPG’s

Thanks for the heads up, Samy! ^_^

–Lone Wolf

4 05 2008

hi bandai lololzzz howz it goin!!!???!!??

Page 4 basically mimics a scene from the show “Friends” where Monica (during a flashback) invites Joey for some “Lemonade” *chuckles*…although I am not sure how to properly convey this scene in Nihongo so hopefully it makes sense ^_^;;;;;

Hahaha, I nearly died when I saw that episode! And don’t worry, you did rather well. I didn’t catch the reference at first, but now it seems very obvious. XD I’m only wondering if you plan on following through with the entirety of the skit (surprise nudity!). Haha. That’d be priceless.

Thanks for the uploads, by the way. Now I can salivate over them ALL the time. ;3~

4 05 2008

Ok, it’s finally working now xD Thanks Lone Wolf!

Anytime ^_^


4 05 2008
Lone Wolf

To CeruleanFeng

I’m only wondering if you plan on following through with the entirety of the skit (surprise nudity!). Haha. That’d be priceless.

Buwahahahaha! To be honest, I wasn’t planning to but that would make a very hilarious image XD XD…I just might have to do that.

Thanks for the uploads, by the way.

No prob. Actually you can thank the people that emailed me and inquired LOL. I had almost forgotten about those stories…almost. But I do intend to finish them. ^_^;;

–Lone Wolf

4 05 2008
Lone Wolf


You’re welcome! ^_-

–Lone Wolf

4 05 2008

I’m new so I just saw your resume(CV)(sory-late). your amazing,your unic! thanks God that people like you exist!

4 05 2008

Heh, you sure have a lot of unfinished stories there (much like me). You’d better get to drawing if you want to get them all done (please?). On that note… *gets to writing Perchance to Dream chapter 9*

5 05 2008

your site will be the best in the world in anime(manga) branche,if you continue uploading your drawn storys:) +. +. .+ .+
+. . + .+
+. .+
+. .+
+. .+
+. .+
love and respect: Calina

6 05 2008

You totally rock for putting them up again!

I found it very amusing that MH is a spoof of Kamen Rider Ryuki, well, after I read the wiki entry.

6 05 2008

Hi LoneWolf!
I was wondering if you can translate the paragraph in Shizuru’s profile you mentioned above… Or possibly the whole paragraph including Natsuki’s…
I couldn’t understand Japanese so I hope you will do me a little favor.
Thanks for the great doujinshis by the way! They were drawn in an awesome way in which you are able to copy the character’s faces! Nice! ^_^
I envy you for having such talents!
Good luck with everything… ^_^
please email me the details if you have time.
Thank you very much!

6 05 2008

ohmygahhh ….
How can anybody not like your beautiful work!
I love it 😀

6 05 2008

i’m glad you re-posted your works. i really really like your style. is it alright if i put one of your work in my ipod? i hope you finish all of your works.

6 05 2008

Natsuki + Clint Eastwood style = the embodiment of coolness.

Thanks for uploading them. You so-kick ass.

6 05 2008

Well, it’s been a lot of time. I’m happy to see that you’re always at work on new pages (OMG! I was missing so much The Other Side Of Me! *_*) and stuff.
I already had your past works saved on my HD since when you posted them on your LJ, but it’s nice to see them downloadable again, mainly for the people who didn’t have them.

I was just wondering… what about that blog change you was talking about a couple of posts ago? I took a look to your website, but I found nothing there about strange questions on NatShizism… did you hide them? 😛

By the way, I love the last Nao-death sketch you posted. Awesome, as usual.
And, in the end… how in the world can you say that “Confessions” looks like utter crap? Omg, it’s an amazing piece of art!

7 05 2008

Oh! Big thanks for uploading them^^
Because I lost some of your work some time ago =/
But now I can enjoy it again^^ So big thanks!

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