Mai Hime Destiny Chap. 6- some miniscule page and a 1/2 of my translations LOL

8 05 2008

Well….I know you guys are waiting for chapter 6 translations from MakiMaki but here’s just an excerpt of the first page and a few more sentences of the next.

Let’s just say it’s an unexpected piece of data that I didn’t encounter yet….I really must keep reading but here’s what I have so far:


Chapter 6 (page 1 and as few sentences from page 2 – from tankoban)

“Excuse me for being late.”

When Tennoji Shion entered the council meeting, that place had already been wrapped in a strange atmosphere. Hinagiku Tomoe was tied by a rope to the wall. Every one of the student council member’s faces turned pale and it wasn’t unusual. Is this how it would be done? It was possible to capture Tomoe, who was the leader of Suzaku party, as for the case, although it was settled, it was a similar expectation.

Shion finds the face of beautiful black jewel, Natsuki, about to speak. (Okay this translation was weird because Seemed too archaic for my level of comprehension.)

“What is it?”

“Shion? I was misinformed. The head of the Suzaku-party wasn’t Hinagiku. It’s Akane…….Higurashi  Akane.”


When she was attacked by Tomoe in the mist of the  fog, Shion recalled the appearance of the second year student who ran. A gentle person who wouldn’t even kill an insect……

Even Shion thought so.

One could easily imagine the size of shock that the upper-classman, Natsuki received

 (NOTE: In other words, everyone in the room was shocked by Natsuki’s discovery)


LOL, there! A page and then some of my craptastic translations. I may post a couple more pages in a week but  can’t make any promises since I’m going to be loaded with work.

Until then!

Lone Wolf ^_-





3 responses

8 05 2008

Cliffhanger! What a way to keep us unilingual peons glued to your blog. Heh. ^_^

You did fine, I’m sure. It’s comprehensible. ^_- Thanks very much. 🙂

9 05 2008

Damn, I can’t believe it’s Akane!
Then again, she was totally shortchanged in MH and MO, so I guess now she finally gets some more screen time. Either that, or Tomoe is super devious and somehow managed to fool Yukino.

Unfortunately, Hinagiku reminds of Hina from Hayate the Combat Butler, and Suzaku reminds of that jerk from Code Geass. I’m on totally on the edge of my seat with Code Geass. They’re doing a brilliant job with the 2nd season so far.

Thanks a lot for the translation!

13 05 2008

Akane? 0_0 I can’t believe it! She always was one of the most kind hearted characters and now she is bad?
What a change in personality! Hope to see more of her devil self =P It will be very interesting to see her in new world =P

Big thanks for translating this part^^

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