Just a small blurb on my original comic that will be launching soon.

11 05 2008

Just as the heading says…

I’m currently working on a new original comic that will be released soon.

The official launch date will be some time next week but I should have a solid date in a couple days. It will hosted on a separate blog site located at: http://lwolf.squarespace.com/

Anyhow the title is, “Renaissance Gal” and you can find out more at the website. I explained a little what the premise is but I’ll add that here as well.

Here’s an excerpt of one of my posts at the RG site:

“…The new story is entitled, “Renaissance Gal” and it takes place in the post-apocalyptic setting of New York. Join the artist, Harris as she roams through the streets of New York and encounters many walks of life all with her trusty cafe racer bike, sketch pad and electric guitar. She will  have a role in providing some assistants to people’s dilemmas….all the while she tries to find the girl that captured her heart 2 years ago and fulfill a promise.
Coming  VERY Soon!”

Yup…soon.  I’ll keep you posted! In the meantime I’m adding some links to the companies I’m currently working with. I’m hoping someday I can also turn “Renaissance Gal” into a video game. But we also have a vague idea of creating a “Making of a Band” type of game with 4 girls…at least that’s my idea for now…we’ll have to see how our initial sales for the and timeline is for the up and coming Project(s)

And don’t worry…I’m still doing NatShiz stuff…can’t ignore that, right? But I’ll have to concentrate more on my “real life” work and cliental in the meantime. I do promise to get something out soon though. Hang on tight!


EDIT: (3:44pm – Pacific Time) I think I found a blog site that I really like and has a few more features than this WordPress site. Once I’ve made the current transition, I’ll just freely post the link.

This wordpress site is sometimes annoying. I mean it’s got it’s Pro’s and Con’s but I’m still limited on certain things LOL.

Anyhow, I plan to export ALL of the wordpress posts over to the new site (well hopefully) that way no one misses a thing. Again, I’ll keep you posted and send you over to the new site when the link is ready.

Thanks again for your support, everyone!


Until then,

–Lone Wolf






2 responses

12 05 2008

Oh, Renaissance Gal sounds interesting. I always enjoy the sombre feel of post-apocalyptic settings. So I`ve checked the squarespace blog site for additional info and must say: Harris is a hottie. Not that I expected anything else.^_-

I`ll be all eyes for Renaissance Gal.^_^

13 05 2008

thanks for the update.

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