Mai Hime Destiny related….

13 05 2008

Ah! Looks like I’ve been beat again LOL!

It’s okay….details inside

Not that this really requires a blog cut but just to let you people know that MakiMaki completed chapter 6…the text version.

Someone was kind enough to give me the heads up! Thanks! ^_^

Anyhow, you can find the translation here:

Now I wonder if I should even bother translating a few pages from chapter 7 since I have all the chapters.

Oh well…no matter I guess. I’ll translate what I can from chapter 7 of Mai Hime Destiny and post it when I get the chance.

Although there is no doubt that by the time I get to the 2nd or 3rd page of translations, MakiMaki will most likely complete their translations for that chapter LOL!

Oh well….stay tuned, folks! In the meantime, just sit back and enjoy all of MakiMaki’s chapter 6. ^^


–Lone Wolf






One response

23 05 2008

Greetings Lone Wolf!
Thanks for letting us know that the MHD Chapter 6 is out already.
I didn’t know it was released already not until I visited your blog again.
A really huge thanks there!
We would truly appreciate if you would also translate a lot of the remaining chapters of MHD which wasn’t completed yet by Maki-Maki…
We, the solid-up-to-now MH fans will highly look forward to it.
Thanks in advance! ^_^

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