Update your links, folks…

13 05 2008


…Because I found another blog home!

It’s got some features that I like but anyhow, I managed to move some of my previous posts with images and some translations….basically anything NatShiz/Mai Hime related made it over to the other site.

So what does this mean? I will be updating and posting all my NatShiz doujinshi on the other blog site:

Update your links to the following: http://ippikiookami.squarespace.com/blog/

EDIT: (May 9, 2009) – Now at http://www.lw-concepts.com/lw

I’ll leave this WordPress site around for another couple months to give people a chance to make the transition. But yeah…consider this the LAST post on this blog. I was originally going to make it discreet as possible and just provide a hint to NatShiz fans….but what the heck, there’s the new link….ENJOY!! ^_-

If you have any comments or questions, please post at the other site.

Bye bye…Wordpress….at the end this blog site was wacky. I guess that is my mission…to keep finding an ideal blog site but I really do like this new site…although there is ONE thing it’s lacking….and that is the “Blog Cut” feature…(well….I can’t seem to find it on the site LOL)….I’m sure something will come up otherwise, you’ll just have to live with my lengthy posts Hahaha!


–Lone Wolf





4 responses

13 05 2008

OMG! Hello, first my excuses for my managing of the English, second I wanted to say to you that I encourage to comment to congratulate yourself on your work, which is brilliant. Like a fan of natshiz/shiznat am happy to follow you to the end of the virtual world ^^
Congratulations for the new blog, it’s genial.

Un abrazo,


14 05 2008
El Lobo

Sweet Im glad you gave us the link. It took me longer than Id like to admit finding this one last time. Yeah… Im stupid.

12 08 2008

Hi, your blog at squaredspace.com is no more available 😦
What is happened?

13 08 2008

lol blog hopping, much? 🙂 may the shiznat live on…

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