cowgirlnatsuki1.jpgI’m just here to share some odd things that occur in work and life in general. Also share images

And to post up some NatShiz illustrations and other stuff.

And yes….Clint Eastwood is my sensei. ^_-


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15 12 2007

Hiya Lone Wolf ^__^ I’ve seen you on some shoujo ai boards, and I also have your LJ so I’ve seen the really good artwork that you’ve done, and your doujinshi =] I was wondering if you’d like to join my shoujo ai forum. My long-term goal is to get as many shoujo ai fans to join as possible, and I have much respect for you. It would honor me if you would join, and become good friends ^_^

~ShizNat_No_Yume a.k.a. Samy

17 12 2007

u r the best lone-wolf

complete ShizNat please , thanks

3 01 2008
Lone Wolf

To Samy

Hi Samy,

Sorry for the late response. Yeah sure! I’ll join your shoujoai forum. What’ the link?

Kind Regards,
Lone Wolf

3 01 2008

it’s http://www.bloomingsakura.co.nr

I’m sure you’ll see some familiar faces on there ^_^


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