Some Requests to put up my ‘older’ Natsuki/Shizuru doujinshi (Mai Hime)

4 05 2008

Well…got a few emails from some people that didn’t catch all of my other doujinshi during the transition from my former LiveJournal page to this WordPress blog

Anyhow your wish has been granted. I’m feeling generous at the moment LOL. XD  Not sure how long this generosity will last but take it while it’s still around.


EDIT: Keep in mind that these are NOT completed doujinshi….BUT I will complete them…don’t worry.

EDIT: 10:27pm Pacific time update: It has been reported that the zip files contain errors. I’ve added access to the winrar files of these doujins.

EDIT: 11:32pm Pacific Time update: I deeply apologize…apparently both my compressing application are malfunctioning so I uploaded individual pages instead.

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